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Security is our industry

Our Values

Minmar's three fundamental values are: Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness. They serve as guidance for all of our employees in building trust with customers, colleagues and the surrounding community.
Minmar has its own security officers who provide unmatched security solutions to meet the specific needs of hundreds of businesses in Lebanon and Iraq. Our services include guarding services, PSD and Convoy Security, patrols and inspections, access control, concierge and receptionist services, security console operators, alarm response, and specialized client requested services.

We have worked on the most difficult terrain in Iraq providing full fledged security to companies from convoys to assuring security in the most difficult places.

Force Protection

Through a range of local strategic partnerships we offer force protection services. These services include procurement of jersey barriers, t-walls, guard towers, guard shacks, temporary housing, temporary WC facilities, construction, and strategic placement.
We follow a combination of the most recent multinational rules for force protection. This service is a must in a contingency environment such as Iraq, and should not be taken lightly!

Static Guard

Minmar static guards have completed "Defensive Security Training Program". Each of our static guards are well dressed, and well groomed. They carry with them a company badge, Iraqi Ministry weapon cards, and a client company badge. Every static guard is educated on our standard operating procedures. Each of the guards have been weapons trained on both assault rifles and pistols, and are assigned company assets to insure the protection of our valued clients whether they live in a small villa in downtown Baghdad, work in a bank, or in an oil refinery. Our static guards stand out in their professionalism and expertise.

Convoy Escort Security

Minmar Convoy security have the experience and training to defend your valuable freight throughout Iraq and its borders. Our high profile convoy escort teams are trained in a defensive manner of driving, while monitoring the road conditions, traffic, and threat level. Your freight is in good hands with Minmar’s security convoy team.

Low-Profile Personnel Security

We offer and prefer low profile PSD (Personnel Security Detail) for our customers. Our SOP's and statistics have shown that a "low-profile" approach reduces the risk to our valued clients. In this arrangement of PSD, we use armored vehicles resembling the most common vehicles on the road allowing us to easily blend in with traffic which reduces the risk of attack like small arms fire, or IED.

High-Profile Personnel Security

We also offer high profile PSD, though this is not the preferred personnel security, it also has its advantages. In studies of armored vehicles, it has often been found that when IED attacks take place on smaller armored vehicles, such as those used in low profile PSD, the occupants are more likely to receive injury than if they were in some of the larger armored vehicles such as SUV's and larger trucks. This is why when providing high profile PSD we use the best level B6 vehicles, reducing the risk of injury under attack to our valued clients.

Logistics Management

With our state of the art operations facilities, we offer other private security companies our logistics services and monitoring of their vehicles. We often use "experimental tracking" systems along with the most common tracking systems in our own vehicles creating a higher level of tracking, at most often eye popping technology for those clients who actually get a visual of the newest and best equipment, and ideas only found when Minmar is their choice for security!

Contingency Consulting

We offer ex-pat security consultants for our clients. These special individuals have over 6 years experience operating security in Iraq. Each one becomes an integrated part of your company maximizing and customizing your security service to insure that your employees, property, and clients feel safe all the time. They can also act as a representative of your company assisting you in choosing the correct security measures.

Risk & Safety Site Security Assessments

A risk and safety site security assessment is a vital part in doing business in a new location, and even more so in a contingency environment. For this reason, Minmar offers our clients these assessments to ensure that the preliminary security measures are put in place prior to placing your valued assets and personnel in danger.

Personal Protection Officers

Personal Protection Officers are often used for high profile figures such as politicians, executives, representatives of large western firms. We offer our best trained operators to protect and serve our most valuable clients. They assess risk when entering a new area prior to the client, and travel with them throughout the location they must operate. This service is often attached to PSD packages, however, we offer this also as a stand alone service.

Security Staffing

Minmar security has personnel of 80 qualified local nationals and expats available for immediate request. We also have over 150 third country national personnel available for prompt demand. All of our staff have already completed our standard operating procedures training, and are available immediately upon request.

Security Supply

Through a range of globally known firms for supplying security, tactical, and military grade equipment, Minmar security offers many government agencies, police, military, and private security companies options to provide a variety of supplies and equipment.

Security Training

In the past Minmar has provided OJT (On the Job Training) to our security personnel. This included the same curriculum as our classroom/hands-on training we now offer from our Erbil, Iraq Training and Logistics facility. We now offer post-military PSD and convoy security training to ex-pats, local nationals, and third country nationals interested in furthering their career in security. Our facilities offer the latest available training and training materials, and our prices for training are comparable. If you are interested in security training in Iraq specific environment please contact us.

Weapons Training

Weapons training is part of our standard training program for outside individuals and our employees. We also offer this training as a stand alone service. This service includes local and international laws, classroom, and firing range hands-on training in a full range of NATO authorized fire arms including assault rifles and pistols.

Local Intelligence

Minmar security has the best intelligence personnel in Iraq. With local national staff throughout the entire country, and employees embedded on some of the largest and smallest projects in Iraq we have a network of local intelligence that cannot be matched. This service is an attachment to our many other services, and is provided on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to our valued clients.

Specialized Services

Minmar security has always grown and expanded based on a variety of customized services that we offer our customers. As a special interest contractor it is absolutely necessary to offer a range of services, as well as, customized support for whichever services our customers feel necessary. Some of these services include K-9 Services, EOD Services, etc… Though this is the range of services we feel confident in providing and would be willing to discuss any requested service that would help support our valued clients.